Hisar dhabas give free meals in exchange for 20 plastic bottles

Amazing! These Dhabas In Hisar Are Offering Free Meals In Exchange For 20 Plastic Bottles

Tonnes of plastic is accumulated on a daily basis and it becomes really difficult to dispose of it. So in an attempt to curb plastic pollution in the country, with just 20 empty plastic bottles, local dhabas in Hisar, Haryana are providing a meal.

In an amazing initiative, the Hisar Municipal Corporation has tied up with two dhabas - Janata Bhojanalaya and Hounda Ram Dhaba - to save the environment while ensuring that no one goes hungry to bed. So now is the time to give back to the environment


Representational Image - BCCL

According to Hindustan Times, Superintendent engineer Ramji Lal - the brain behind the idea - said that the ragpickers who collect these plastic bottles have stopped doing so, as they do not get buyers now. 

“As a ban has been imposed on polythene, junk dealers stopped accepting plastic bottles as well which led to plastic bottles piling up at several places in the city. We then approached some dhabas, who readily agreed to provide a meal comprising daal, chapati and salad for anyone who comes to them with 20 plastic bottles,” he told Hindustan Times


Representational Image - BCCL

What do these dhabas do with the plastic bottles? 

They hand over these plastic bottles to the municipal corporation, which uses it to grow plants and make polythene compost. 

Meanwhile, Hisar mayor Gautam Sardana lauded the dhabas for their effort. 

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