Disappointment Awaits Donald Trump, Delay Tactics By Nirbhaya Convict + More Top News

Disappointment Awaits Donald Trump, Delay Tactics By Nirbhaya Convict + More Top News


US President Donald Trump is scheduled to visit India on February 24 and massive preparations are underway. Clean water has been released into Yamuna in Agra to make it appear cleaner, slums are hidden behind walls in Ahmedabad and slum dwellers have been served eviction notice to keep poverty away from his sight. Read more

Here's more top news of the day:

1) Delaying Tactic! Nirbhaya Convict Vinay Sharma Bangs Head In Wall, Says Has Schizophrenia

nirbhaya vinay sharma

The four convicts in 2012 Nirbhaya Gangrape and murder case have ran out of legal remedies and are now resorting to other tactics to delay the hanging. Read more

2) Uphaar Tragedy: Ansal Brothers Whose Negligence Killed 59 Won't Go To Jail As SC Rejects Plea

Industrialists Sushil and Gopal Ansal, the owners of Uphaar cinema in south Delhi's Green Park who managed to avoid jail terms by paying a fine of Rs 30 crore each will continue to be free men as the Supreme Court turned down a curative petition by families of the victims of the fire tragedy. Read more

3) Man Injured In Road Accident Bleeds To Death While Onlookers Click Pictures & Record Videos

Odisha road accident Representational Image

In Odisha’s Bhadrak district, a man lay in a pool of blood and lost his while as commuters and passersby engaged in making videos and clicking pictures of a victim at on NH-16.  Read more

4) 5000 Steel Taps, 2000 Mirrors, 3000 Toilet Flush Valves Stolen From Utkrisht Train Coaches


In an incident which reflects gross misuse of public services, passengers of Tejas Express, the country's first high-speed semi-luxurious train, took away headphones, damaged LCD screens, soiled the toilets and littered the entire train during its maiden journey from Goa to Mumbai. Read more

5) Former PM Dr Manmohan Singh Says Modi Govt Can't Fix Economy, They Don't Acknowledge Slow Down


Former Indian prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh has hit out at the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led goverment for the faltering economy, saying that the current regime doesn't acknowledge the word  "slowdown" and the real danger is that if problems are not recognised, then finding viable solutions to redeem economy are unlikely. Read more

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    Crew Who Flew Coronavirus Patient To Stay Isolated, Noida School Where His Kids Study Shut
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    Coronavirus Death Toll Climbs To 2,943 In China, Infected Cases Witness Surge Globally
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    Gone Girl 2.0! Man Jailed For Wife's Murder Tracks Her Down, 7 Years After Eloping With Lover
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    Search On For Co-Passengers Of Hyderabad Coronavirus Patient Who Took Bus From Bengaluru
  • Disgusting! Auto Driver Arrested In Mumbai For Masturbating In Front Of Female Passenger
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    Coronavirus Making Inroads In India, Italian Man Tests Positive In Rajasthan, 6th Reported Case
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    As India Steps Up Alert Over Coronavirus, Assam BJP MLA Claims Cow Dung And Urine Can Cure It
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  • In Fight Against Plastic Pollution, Sikkim Introduces Bamboo Water Bottles For Tourists
    Shweta Sengar
    bamboo water bottle
  • Nirbhaya Rapists Set To Be Hanged On March 3 At 6 AM As SC Rejects Convict Pawan Gupta's Plea
    Bobins Abraham
  • Execution Delayed Yet Again! Nirbhaya Rapists Won't Hang On March 3 Now As Court Defers Order
    Nirbhaya Case: Delhi Court Defers Hanging Of 4 Death Row Convicts Till Further Order
  • Randeep Hooda Makes His Hollywood Debut With Chris Hemsworth's Extraction; See The First Look
  • Apple Will Pay Rs 3625 Crore To iPhone Users, For Secretly Slowing Down Their iPhone
    Monit Khanna
  • Money Put To Good Use After Akshay Donates Rs 1.5 Crore To Build Homes For Transgenders In...
  • Brave Army Major Dies While Trying To Save His Wife & Two Dogs From A Burning Hut
    Aishwarya Dharni
  • A Golden Family Indeed - Father, Son And Daughter All Win Gold Medals At Moscow Wushu Event
    Somak Adhikari
  • Goons In Delhi's Riot-Hit Areas Are Snatching Relief Material, Threatening Those Trying To Help
    Shweta Sengar
    Delhi violence protests
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