A Gangster Who Got Shot With 26 Bullets In Delhi Over Long Standing Turf War

A Gangster Who Got Shot With 26 Bullets In Delhi Over Long Standing Turf War

A war which was long standing in the outer area of Delhi Majra Dabas Village just ended in a brutal murder of Pawan Anchill Thakur. He was shot with bullets, while he was travelling in his car which was a SUV near Ladpur Village in the outer Delhi area on Wednesday.

Two members are identified who are a part of the Deepak Titri gang under involvement in this murder.

Representative image - pixabay

The area where Thakur was shot doesn't have CCTV coverage. The killers interrupted Thakur in an i20 car and fired 48 rounds, 26 of which hit him. According to a  resident of Majra Dabas Village, Thakur allegedly shot a Titri associate last year and was jailed for the same. However, he got bail in January. 

According to police, Thakur has gone to Ladpur Village to meet someone. On his way back to his village, while he was taking a U-turn, the killers rushed towards him. Police are under a suspicion that Thakur might have tried to fire against them but was hit by several rounds. The criminals ran away towards Haryana border after the murder. Police also said that the car used in the crime was also stolen. 

Representative image - pixabay

Thakur’s body was sent for autopsy at Sanjay Gandhi Hospital. The body was then handed over to the family on Thursday. Police said that it took three doctors to remove the bullets from his body, an x-ray was also concluded to identify the bullets.

According to sources, Thakur has aligned himself with the Tillu gang after he struck a rivalry with the Titri gang, who are suspected to be associated with Gogi. The role of Gogi associates in this murder has not been ruled out as Gogi has similarities with the murder which he had committed earlier. 

As per senior officials, the gang wars which flared up in the early 1990’s with rival groups trying to control land, got low-spirited after a series of arrests by Delhi Police. However, this paved way for the new ones to arrive. The gang lord offers protection to the landowner for the share in the real estate.

The sources also suggest that the gangs have started hiring contract killers for settling the disputes, since this would keep them off the hook. The killers are none other than the members of the old groups which operated in the 1990’s to early 2000's who are seeking an opportunity take revenge.

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