Age Is No Barrier When It Comes To Love & These On-Screen Couples Prove Just That!

Age Is No Barrier When It Comes To Love & These On-Screen Couples Prove Just That!

While ‘twinning with bae’ and ‘house dates’ are cute, nothing makes me go ‘awww’ like an elderly couple holding hands and being there for each other. Time and again, movies and shows have introduced us to rock-solid love stories steered by an elderly couple. From Baghban to The Notebook, the 60-something couples became the living definition of relationship goals!     

So get ready to feel all cutesy, fuzzy and more importantly inspired, because we’ve made a list of 5 on-screen couples that prove ‘love conquers all’!

1. Raj and Pooja (Baghban)

BR Films

In Baghban, Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini gave us one of the greatest love stories of all time. While one may picture a smooth-sailing life for the elderly, this film projects quite the opposite. Parents to thankless children who indulge in heartless scheming, and keep them apart for oh-so-long, Amitabh and Hema prove that love is worth fighting for, come what may.

2. Pawan & Pooja (Pawan & Pooja)

MX Player

MX Player is all set to release one of the most unconventional love stories - ‘Pawan & Pooja’. The series explores the lives of 3 couples, aged in their 20s, 40s, and 60s – all of whom are named Pawan and Pooja.

However, the couple that tickled our fancy the most was the 60-something Pawan (played by Mahesh Manjrekar) and Pooja (played by Deepti Naval). The mutual respect, chemistry and modesty of the couple shined right through the scenes – be it the honest dialogue or instances of comfortable silence. After being married for 40-odd years, Pawan decides to make a ‘regret list’- a series of tasks or wishes that he wishes to do with his better half before kicking the bucket. However, the series of events that unfold leads them to a dark secret from the past, that questions the very foundation of their marriage.

We’re super stoked to find out what destiny has in mind for the supremely adorable Pawan & Pooja. The show is slated to release on 14th February (yes, Valentine’s day!), for free on MX Player, and we can’t wait to binge-watch it.

3. Noah and Allie (The Notebook)

Gran Via

Noah and Allie’s love story is one for the ages. From their young summer romance to the painfully adorable final moments – every scene from this movie is a lesson on love. Scenes from the nursing home, where Noah spends each day trying to bring a wife who doesn’t recognize him back broke our hearts, made us root for them, and believe in love all over again.

4. Priyamvada and Jeetender (Badhai Ho)

Junglee Pictures

Badhai Ho isn’t your run of the mill love story. It’s one of the most enlightening films of the year gone by. An elderly couple, Priyamvada Kaushik (played by Neena Gupta) and Jeetender Kaushik (played by Gajraj Rao) get unexpectedly pregnant. While their 25-year-old son grapples to come to terms with this news, the couple is also concerned about what the social circles might have to say.

This liberating film makes it loud and clear that age and romance have nothing to do with love.

5. Kay and Arnold (Hope Springs)

Columbia Pictures

The elderly couple Kay (played by Meryl Streep) and Arnold (played by Tommy Lee Jones) are stuck in a sex-less marriage, and can be seen attending therapy to bring back the spark in their married life. The sheer magnificence of old-age romance, learning new things about your partner irrespective of how long you’ve been married, and going the extra mile to make things work is what makes this movie a must-watch for every hopeless romantic.

Thanks to these sugar-sweet couples, I have my Valentine's binge-watch ready!  

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