Irrfan Khan Is More Than Just A Brilliant Actor & These Quotes Prove That!

Irrfan Khan Is More Than Just A Brilliant Actor & These Quotes Prove That!

Irrfan Khan is one of Bollywood's most gifted actors and anyone who has watched his movies can attest to the fact that it is a sheer delight to watch him on screen. The effortless skill with which he portrays the characters he plays is absolutely magnificent. 

In 2018 when Irrfan Khan was diagnosed with cancer, he took a break from films. Soon after he was back on his feet and shooting for his next film titled English MediumAnd going by the film's recently-launched trailer, we know we're in for yet another fantastic ride. 

In order to celebrate just how amazing Irrfan Khan is, we collected some of his best quotes that showcase he's not just a fine actor but a man who's wise beyond his years. 












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