I Hope One Day You Are As Happy As You Pretend To Be

I Hope One Day You Are As Happy As You Pretend To Be

Your Instagram profile is full of pictures of you smiling. You look good while you hustle every day at work. You have the perfect gang of friends. You look adorable while sitting next to your parents and secretly texting your crush.

Anyone who takes a look at you knows that you are happy. Question is, are you really? 

If you think you are then why can't you sleep at night? Why do you feel alone in a room full of people? Why do you feel lonely lying down next to your lover? Why do you not share every single unapologetic thought that comes to your mind with your best friend? 

While you are so caught up in showing your best life to people, have you forgotten to be truly happy? 

What people don't know is that we are all trying so desperately to be happy in the hope that it will cancel out the mess on the inside. 

Instead of saying "I'm not doing so well," we end up saying we're "doing really good." 

But in all this drama of faking and pretending, we forget we need to be true to our feelings, which includes being sad, in order to one day be happy.

If you have been bottling up your feelings, this one is for you. 

Sadness is not something to be ashamed of. Crying doesn't make you weak. Your sadness doesn't take anything away from you; your independence, capability, intelligence and your ability to love are all still there. By embracing sadness, you are being human. You are giving yourself time to heal. Time to move on. 

What makes you look weak is pretending that sadness is non-existent. Pretending to be okay doesn't show how strong you are but how scared you are. And this is where fear of failure, fear of being judged and the ever-encompassing feeling of being a burden stem from. 

That's why be sad if you are. 

Be true to your feelings. 

Stop pretending to be or feeling anything else. Because only then will you be as happy as you pretend to be. 

Image credit: Pexels.

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