Let 2020 Be The Year You Finally Let Go Of Bad Habits, Here's How You Can Do It

Let 2020 Be The Year You Finally Let Go Of Bad Habits, Here's How You Can Do It

If you ask my friend how she quit her habit of smoking JUUL that had her in 35k worth of debt, the 27-year-old would say "I just threw the device out of the window." But she did this seven months after the thought of quitting smoking first came to her mind. 

She was desperate to get rid of the habit that was quite frankly not doing her any good and bringing her closer to being bankrupt. But she didn't do it that very day when she would have heard how bad it was for her lungs or how a teen died because he smoked JUUL for 72 hours straight. It took its own sweet time. 

And that's what we want to bring forward today about how to get rid of a nasty habit: it requires its own sweet time to make progress.

Another friend of mine would treat himself to a chocolate-chip cookie every day. After four months of eating a chocolate chip cookie every single day, it was no surprise that he put on weight and found himself being called fat. Now he wanted to quit sugar altogether and decided to throw away all junk from his house. A couple of hours in, the need for a chocolate chip cookie made him go crazy and the next thing you know is, he's in his car driving to the grocery store to buy chocolate chip cookies. 

Quitting a bad habit isn't easy when your brain is working against you.

But there's good news. There's actually a trick to break the worst of negative habits and that is to start small. 

Yes, it sounds boring but it's the only trick that will work

Consider this. If you want to become vegetarian, don't give up non-vegetarian entirely. Start with eating a carrot for lunch. Slowly, you will get used to eating a vegetable for lunch. Eventually, you can attack other meal times and with persistence and consistency and in a few months you might find yourself consuming just vegetables and fruits. 

In the end, we need to understand what bad habits are: they are behaviours we indulge in to avoid feeling painful feelings. 

If you think of this reason before indulging in your bad habit, you'll take a step back on your own. And when you do, always start small and take your own sweet time. 

Image credit: Pexels.

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