Say Goodbye To Miserable Winters, Here's How You Can Train Yourself To Not Feel Cold

Say Goodbye To Miserable Winters, Here's How You Can Train Yourself To Not Feel Cold

Is your heater your best friend during winter? Are you the one huddled in layers and layers of clothes and still complain about how chilly it is? Are you also the one with the perpetual red nose?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then here's some good news for you: You can train yourself to not feel cold. 

In an interview with The Guardian, Christopher Minson, professor of human physiology at the University of Oregon, claims that it is possible to train ourselves in order to bear if not enjoy the cold weather. 

For instance, Minson suggests taking cold showers in order to feel less cold. He experimented with this himself. He told The Guardian how he started turning the shower to cold water for 15 seconds. Once he put up well with 15 seconds, then he increased it to 30 seconds and eventually 60 seconds. So now, he can have a cold shower for a minute even when the temperature is one-degree celsius. Oh, and he also feels less cold when he steps out after having these cold showers for two months. 

Mind you, it does feel miserable to put yourself through this but if it helps you battle it out with the dreadful winter, so be it. 

Another way Minson recommends to bear the cold is by not wearing warm clothes. (Yes, we wrote that right and you read it right.) 

"As it got colder one winter, I still saw people wearing just a T-shirt. So, one day, I decided to copy them. The first few days were like: ‘Wow, it’s really cold,’ but within less than a week it got easier, and after a couple of weeks I could be with my arms exposed and not feel as cold." he told The Guardian

The commonality between both these extreme methods of feeling less cold is based on the principle of how exposure to cold stressors eventually helps the body to keep warm. 

The scientific rationable these two ways of training yourself up against the brutal winter can be traced back to our metabolic rate. The metabolic rate is the body's ability to burn energy from food. It is also responsible for keeping our bodies warm. Once your body has been exposed to cold stressors, the metabolic rate works faster, to burn more food, derive more energy and to keep your body warm. 

So the next time winter is approaching, be bold to brave the cold instead of running to sit next to the heater or wearing warm clothes. Because only cold will now cancel the cold out.

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