Real Life Baazigar! Asim Riaz Confirms Album With Bohemia, May Also Star In A Salman Khan...

Real Life Baazigar! Asim Riaz Confirms Album With Bohemia, May Also Star In A Salman Khan Film

Haar Kar Jeetne Wale Ko Baazigar Kehte Hain!

Asim Riaz may not have claimed his position as Bigg Boss 13 winner but he for sure has won hearts! He was one of the 'trending' contestants on the show and even after its end, there have been several reports that have been trying to track his future trajectory.

Just a few days ago, several reports claimed that he has reportedly bagged a video with famous rapper Bohemia. 

The report further added that the track will be shot in Australia. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez will also be featuring in the music video. Well, Asim has indeed confirmed that the collaboration is on its way and he added that there's a prospect of him and his girlfriend Himanshi Khurrana to star in one of the upcoming music videos.

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Well, Asim fans have another reason to rejoice as in his recent live audio chat with DJ Noreen Khan on BBC Asian Network Asim, he also hinted that he may star in a Salman Khan movie.

During his elaborate chat, he mentioned Salman talking to Asim's dad about a film but he was apprehensive whether he'd be able to pull it off or not. He added that Salman is planning a movie for which he is looking for a model but he needs to be well-prepared for it, mentally and physically.

Well, who says only one person wins Bigg Boss every year? 

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With the kind of offers that have flooded for all top six contestants of Bigg Boss 13, each and every contestant has emerged as a winner! Agree?

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